A Global Resource for Meeting Planners

Dear Meeting and Event Planner...

Here is what we do broken down into three simple parts...

The core of All Things Meetings is a FREE FINDER SERVICE. Tell us what you need, we find it for you and introduce you directly to the Vendor. Could be a Hotel, Destination Management Company, free-standing event venue, AV Production, Mobile Event Applications, Lighting or Event Rental Company, Team Builder, Speaker, Entertainment, Group tickets, Caterer, Transportation Company, on-site travel staff… whatever… All Things Meetings. I have been in the business 38+ years and have owned All Things Meetings for nearly 14. We know everyone, everywhere. Then we get out of the way. This service is for do-it-your-self planners who just don’t have the time at the moment to do all the research, or they have to plan something in an unfamiliar destination. It's a FREE SERVICE.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you need more than just a finder service, we provide Full Service Event Management. We work with you to develop the meeting or event, we hire the vendors, manage the budget, operate the program on-site, and basically do everything (with your step-by-step approval). In these cases we charge a management fee on a sliding scale. Some clients want one thing, some want everything. 

In the middle… let's call it "CONTRACT WORK". We provide “human bandwidth” to help manage your event on an hourly fee basis. We attend your planning meetings, take whatever responsibilities you choose to give us, and make sure it happens. You still get the benefit of our contacts and experience. You sign vendor contracts and pay the bills. We are Planners/On-Site Travel Staff For Hire.

So, if you are involved in planning Meetings, Incentives, Board Retreats, Trade Shows, Road Shows, AV Production, Branding Experiences, Users Groups, Developer Conferences, Customer Events, Press Events, Holiday Parties…and every other event I forgot to mention, we can help. No complicated rfps to fill out… just send me a stream-of-consciousness e-mail and we'll get as many options as we can as soon as we can.

Anything we can help you with? Look forward to an opportunity to work with you.

Warm Regards,

Neil Cramer
415-673-2143 (office)
707-738-5627 (cell)